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6 Athiyayam (2018) Free Movie Download in HD 720p

6 Athiyayam (2018) Free Movie Download in HD 720p from WatchMoviePlus with fast browsing and high downloading speed on single  Click. For more information visit  IMDB  or  Wikipedia.

Movie Info

6 Athiyayam (2018) Watch Online

Movie Name: 6 Athiyayam (2018) Watch Online
Genre: HorrorDrama

Directed By:
 Ajayan Bala, Lokesh Rajendran
 Kishore, Thaman Kumar, Cable Sankar
  HDCam, 720p
Movie Length: 
 2 hrs 2 mins
:  Tamil
File Size
:    Null
Release Date: 16 Feb, 2018

7/10 stars from 6 votes (IMDB)





The film 6 Athiyayam HD Full Movie Download is attracted by Sridhar Venkatesan, VECO Rajendran, Suresh added value, Ajayan Bala Shankar Thiyagarajan Cable B Sankar and presented by Kishore Kish.


Another film, 6 Athiyayam Online Movie, is on a small list of stories in Tamil. The film is based on the type of shocks, but the work is the fact that the film into a two-hour film of six different film based on meaning and includes comedy and love.

The role of CE film co-producer and co-director of Cable Sankar says: “Under normal circumstances, film music, kufaraxaya film no more exciting viewers will not get satisfaction watching the soundtrack movie. So we decided to play in each of the six films before the trip.

All six of the lowest levels will be played on the back of a small story watch. We hope people will like anthology if it happens. ”

The director also confirmed that the six films are not linked. “What’s in common with all of the film 6 Athiyayam movie download, you can also confirm that we are the first in the world who also has things like graduates of the anthology.”

Every film 6 Athiyayam free movie download managed by another director. In addition to Shankar Shankar, the rest of Ajayan Bala, Shankar Thiyagarajan Sridhar Venkatesan, VECO Rajendran, Suresh, and European added value.

This group has also produced many songs, including the recent release of Sam SK, which recently released by Vikram Vedha. “We plan to unleash the commitment of Sri Lanka, the story will danced and will translated into 2D animation,” he said.

“Normally, the numbers used in this type of animation templates, but I checked the faces used in the sport, music, video version of the show.”

Six short videos titled Misame, Soup Boy Subramani, Chithiram Kolluthadi, Anam, Super Hero and Thodarum.


Voice “6 Athiyayam HD Movie Onlinehorror stories, six film directors who have recently appeared six new directors.

The films in this situation diverse musical and Vikram Vedha by Sam C, has come up with a lot of 2D animation music.

What C Sam said: “Because of the horror of the subject, I came to a wonderful story, not the end of the playground, player Kavita Anand and Thomas who worked Puriyaatana Puthir.”

Six filimood interrupted by President Shankar, Ajayan Bala writer, producer Shankar Thyagarajan, Logesh light on the medium and Sridhar Suresh Vekatesan.

The objections include filmmaker Stanley S Thottal Thodarum film Thaman, Pasang Kishore, Sanjay Kulir, Nan Mahan Alla Vinodh, and others. Ta Noor, Joshua Franklin, and Sathish Kumar have music.
The voice began in the presence of conductor R Parthiban, Cheran, A Venkatesh, Suresh Kamakshi, and others.

6 Directors

It’s time to play different Tamil pictures. It is good to try another type of “6 Athiyayam full movie free download”. More images of “tapes” of published images. But it is not. Watch Online 6 Athiyayam “in the film 6 Athiyayam full movie online for the first time in the history of international artists officially created the figure of six books by only six driver managers and at the end of six cases, ends the chapter, the film finally culminating in the last movie in the Tamil movie of the latest film about the film 6 Athiyayam Full Movie Download Free tragedy Sankar Thiagarajan in ASCII Media Hut a movie.

Director of the famous author, “Thottal Thodarum, directed by Shankar Cable, wrote to the unit. The film Watch Online Movie 6 Athiyayam is known as Ajay Bala, the film Sankar Thiagarajan, VECO,” Suresh Venkatesan & Sridhar is the world famous short film Watch Movie Online 6 Athiyayam and sent four more categories.

6 Athiyayam (2018) Watch Online

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6 Athiyayam (2018) Full Movie Download

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